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Agathi Keerai

Agathi Keerai

Agathi Keerai

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Regular price ₹ 22 ₹ 19 Unit price  per 


* Agathi spinach will facilitate easy digestion

* Will cure acidity related problems

* Will reduce body heat and eyes will be cooled

* Urination and stools elimination will be proper

* Stomach ulcer will be cured

* Mental depression and stress will be cured

* The soup made of agathi spinach, small onion, pepper and cumin will heal stomach ulcer easily

* Foot sore and other wounds will be cured by the essence of this spinach

* With another process of this agathi spinach, i.e. the leaf of this spinach needs to be heated in coconut oil and the essence must be smeared on the spots of the skin where leuச்oderma has affected a person. In due course, these spots will vanish

Similarly, if the essence of this spinach is processed through sea conch and the same is applied on warts, warts will simply drop after some time

Use of Agathi Flowers:-
* The flowers can be used as edible fries. This will cure giddiness, eye-sore, yellowish urination etc.

* It is a boon to the smokers who want to give up smoking. The toxic element will be cleared through stools.

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