Beetroot - Diced

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Beetroot - Diced

Rs. 29.00 Rs. 36.00 -20% OFF
Product Description

Rooted in Nature's Bounty brings an earthy sweetness and stunning color to your dishes.

Add into yogurt for a vibrant and nutritious raita.
Add diced beetroot to your favorite chaat for a colorful twist.
Include beetroot chunks in your sambar for an earthy flavor & an extra dose of nutrients.
Prepare spiced beetroot pickles, marrying the earthy sweetness of beetroot with traditional Indian pickling spices.

Health Benefits:
Heart Health: helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels
Rich in Antioxidants: promotes overall health & well-being.
Digestive Health: high fiber content supports digestive health.
Detoxification: contains detoxifying properties for overall wellness.
Vitamins and Minerals: packed with essential nutrients.