Rs. 119.00 Rs. 149.00 -21% OFF


Rs. 119.00 Rs. 149.00 -21% OFF
Product Description

With a compact floret structure & a rich green hue, this vegetable brings a verdant marvel to your culinary creations.

Toss into stir-fries for a crisp texture & a burst of green goodness in each bite.
Add to soups for a nutritional boost, enhancing both flavor & visual appeal.
Dice for a colorful filling in taco's, wraps, sandwiches, pastas and side dishes.
Incorporate into pasta dishes, elevating both the nutritional profile & taste.

Health Benefits:
Antioxidant Powerhouse: This green gem is rich in antioxidants, supporting overall well-being.
Vitamin C Boost: Packed with vitamin C, contributing to a robust immune system.
Bone Health Support: Contains essential nutrients like vitamin K & calcium for strong & healthy bones.
Fiber for Digestion: The high fiber content aids in digestion, promoting a healthy gut.
Heart-Healthy Nutrients: Supports cardiovascular health with nutrients beneficial for the heart.