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Rs. 40.00 Rs. 50.00 -20% OFF
Product Description

"Experience the fresh elegance of Chives, a delicate herb that enhances dishes with its subtle taste and nutritional value.

Sprinkle chopped chives as a garnish to enhance the taste and visual appeal of your dishes.
Incorporate chives into sauces, curries, or chutneys for a delicate herbal infusion.
Use chopped chives as a topping for snacks, giving them a burst of subtle flavor.

Health Benefits:

Vitamin Boost: Chives are a good source of vitamins A and C, contributing to immune health and overall well-being.
Antioxidant Touch: The presence of antioxidants in chives supports a healthy body by combating oxidative stress.
Low-Calorie Delicacy: Enjoy the delicate flavor of chives without guilt, as they are low in calories, aligning with a balanced diet.
Digestive Delight: Chives contribute a gentle onion flavor that can aid digestion, making them a versatile addition to various culinary creations."