Coriander Seeds - Rajasthan

Rs. 35.00 Rs. 44.00 -21% OFF

Coriander Seeds - Rajasthan

Rs. 35.00 Rs. 44.00 -21% OFF
Product Description

Prized for its ability to add depth and complexity to dishes, a must-have spice in kitchens.
Carefully harvested, dried, & packed to preserve their exceptional flavor.
Flavor and Aroma: warm, citrusy flavor with earthy undertones.
Health Benefits: Source of essential nutrients, dietary fiber, iron & magnesium.
Has Antioxidant properties, anti-Inflammatory effects & provides digestive aid.

Ideal for curries, spice mixes, baking, marinades and pickling.
Incorporate them in homemade pickles and preserves

Alternate Uses:
Infuse in water with crushed citrus for a hydration with flavour.
Scatter in infestation prone areas to deter insects and pests.
Steep in hot water to make a infused herbal tea.