Methi (Root-cut)

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Methi (Root-cut)

Rs. 15.00 Rs. 18.00 -17% OFF
Product Description

Also known as fenugreek leaves, Methi is known for its distinct taste, both slightly bitter & mildly sweet.

Harvested at its peak for optimal freshness and flavor.
Boasts a strong, slightly bitter taste that enhances both traditional and modern dishes.
Seamlessly integrates into a variety of recipes, from curries to stews and flatbreads.
Whether sautéed for garnish or blended into sauces, Methi imparts a bold and aromatic essence.
Health Benefits:

Rich in Nutrients: Methi is a nutrient-dense green, offering essential vitamins and minerals.
Dietary Fiber Source: Provides dietary fiber, promoting digestive health.
Blood Sugar Regulation: Some studies suggest potential benefits in regulating blood sugar levels.
Antioxidant Properties: Contains antioxidants that contribute to overall well-being.
Traditionally known for potential respiratory health support.