Green Peas

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Green Peas

Rs. 19.00 Rs. 23.00 -18% OFF
Product Description

Little green gems provide a burst of freshness & nutrition, adding vibrant color & a sweet, earthy taste.

A key ingredient in classic dishes like pea soup or the famous 'matar paneer.'
Blend into creamy purees for baby food or a quick dip.
Toss in pasta dishes for added color & a sweet twist.
Popular choice for fried rice or vegetable stir-fries.

Health Benefits:

Packed with essential nutrients like Vitamins K, C, & B.
High in fiber- supports digestive health & regularity.
Provides ample plant-based protein, perfect for vegetarians & vegans.
Loaded with antioxidants- support against oxidative stress.
Low-calorie vegetable- healthy choice for weight management.