Thai Sweet Tamarind

Rs. 199.00 Rs. 249.00 -21% OFF

Thai Sweet Tamarind

Rs. 199.00 Rs. 249.00 -21% OFF
Product Description

Indulge in its sticky, luscious texture enjoyed for its sweet and tangy taste, Thai Sweet Tamarind adds a tropical touch to your palate.

Savor the sweet and tangy taste of Thai Sweet Tamarind for a delightful snack.
Enhance sauces, curries, and desserts with the rich, flavorful pulp of Thai Sweet Tamarind.
Infuse a tropical sweetness into jams, chutneys, or candies with Thai Sweet Tamarind.

Health Benefits:
Rich in Vitamins and Minerals: Contributes essential nutrients for overall well-being.
Dietary Fiber: Supports digestive health and provides a feeling of fullness.
Antioxidant Goodness: Thai Sweet Tamarind contains antioxidants that combat oxidative stress for overall health.
Natural Energy Boost: The natural sugars in Thai Sweet Tamarind offer a sweet and wholesome energy boost.