Baby Bok Choy

Rs. 48.00 Rs. 60.00 -20% OFF

Baby Bok Choy

Rs. 48.00 Rs. 60.00 -20% OFF
Product Description

A crisp and tender green, Baby Bok Choy is smaller and more tender variety of bok choy. It has a mild, slightly sweet flavor with a crisp & crunchy texture, especially in the stems.

Perfect for stir-fries, adding a crisp and tender element.
Toss it in salads for a refreshing and mild crunch.
Incorporate into sautés for a quick and nutritious side dish.
Use in various recipes, from soups to wraps, for a versatile and crunchy texture.
Health Benefits:

Nutrient-Rich Option: Baby Bok Choy provides essential vitamins and minerals.
Vitamin C Boost: Contains vitamin C for overall well-being and immune support.
Dietary Fiber Source: Offers dietary fiber, promoting digestive health and satiety.
Antioxidant Support: Contains antioxidants for the body's defense against oxidative stress.