Parmesan (Aged 2 yrs)

Rs. 725.00 Rs. 906.00 -20% OFF

Parmesan (Aged 2 yrs)

Rs. 725.00 Rs. 906.00 -20% OFF
Product Description

Indulge in the robust and complex flavor of Parmesan aged for two years, a premium cheese that embodies depth, richness, and a satisfying crystalline texture.

Shave over pasta dishes, risottos, or salads to impart a nutty and savory intensity.
Pair with balsamic vinegar, fresh fruit, or honey for a sophisticated and flavorful cheese platter.
Grate onto soups, roasted vegetables, or pizza for a bold and distinctive finishing touch.
Enjoy on its own or with a glass of wine, savoring the full-bodied flavor and delightful crunch of aged crystals.
Health Benefits:

Rich in Calcium: Parmesan contributes to bone health with its calcium content.
Intense Flavor Profile: The two-year aging process intensifies the nutty and savory notes, creating a distinct and memorable taste.
Crystalline Texture: Experience the satisfying crunch of crystalline structures that form during the aging process.
Culinary Elegance: Parmesan aged for two years is a gourmet choice that elevates a variety of dishes with its unparalleled depth and complexity.