Lady's Finger

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Lady's Finger

Rs. 30.00 Rs. 37.00 -19% OFF
Product Description

A key ingredient in Indian curries, bhindi adds thickness and a unique flavor profile, complementing aromatic spices.

Stir-fry bhindi with Indian spices for a quick and nutritious side dish, showcasing its crisp texture.
Enhance sabzis with bhindi, allowing it to absorb rich flavors and impart a delightful crunch, perfect with rotis or rice.
Grill bhindi for a smoky flavor, adding a delicious twist to traditional Indian grilling techniques.
Pickle bhindi for a tangy and crunchy achar, elevating the taste of various Indian dishes.

Health Benefits:
Digestive Health: rich in dietary fiber, promoting a healthy digestive system.
Vitamin Boost: Packed with vitamins A and C, ladies finger contributes to skin health.
Hydration Support: With high water content, it aids in hydration.
Blood Sugar Regulation: The soluble fiber helps regulate blood sugar levels.
Brain Function: Contains folate, essential for brain development & cognitive function.