Ooty Carrots

Rs. 19.00 Rs. 23.00 -18% OFF

Ooty Carrots

Rs. 19.00 Rs. 23.00 -18% OFF
Product Description

Handpicked from the hills of Ooty, these vibrant orange gems bring a burst of color and earthy sweetness.

Enjoy the crisp and sweet flavor as a healthy snack.
Grate or slice for a crunchy and colorful salad boost.
Add a touch of sweetness to your favorite stir-fry dishes.
Blend for a refreshing & nutrient-packed beverages.

Health Benefits:
Nutrient-Rich Goodness: Packed with essential vitamins and minerals,
Beta-Carotene: Promotes eye health and boosts the immune system.
Antioxidants: Combat free radicals and support overall well-being.
Dietary Fiber: Aids digestion and promotes a healthy gut.