Brinjal Bharta

Rs. 48.00 Rs. 60.00 -20% OFF

Brinjal Bharta

Rs. 48.00 Rs. 60.00 -20% OFF
Product Description

A versatile vegetable celebrated for its firm yet tender texture, essential in crafting Indian dishes.

Blend into curries for a sumptuous texture & a mildly satisfying taste.
Slice & fry for fritters capturing the soul of Indian street food – a crispy & flavorful delight.
Boil & mash for a velvety side dish, an ideal companion to Indian bread or rice.
Stir-fry with spices & vegetables for a swift & nutritious Indian stir-fry, exploding with diverse textures.
Health Benefits:

Digestive Dynamo: rich in dietary fiber, promotes robust digestion.
Nutrient Enrichment: packed with essential vitamins and minerals.
Heart-Healthy Goodness: supports heart health, aligning with the heart-conscious dietary habits.
Antioxidant Armor: with antioxidants, it helps combat oxidative stress.
Blood Sugar Balance: aids in managing blood sugar levels.